5 Ways to Physically Distance Safely in the Warm Weather


We, in North America, are entering week 11 of practicing safe physical distancing. Where I live, Toronto, this past weekend displayed an unfortunate scenario where an estimated 10,000 people flocked to one big park, like it was your average summer’s day. That, combined with what I’ve been seeing on social media the past few weeks, and hearing what some people have been doing, makes me feel like now is a good reminder on how to safely physically distance as we enter Summer.

Look, I get it. You’ve been alone or with only your household for the past 11 weeks, and you’re tired. We are all tired. Going into various homes, whether they are family or not, going on multiple visits with people and their pets in one day, and being in a large group are still technically not Kosher. Let’s continue to choose “we” over “me” for a little longer.

Here are some ways to safely physically distance and still see the people you care about:

  1. Porch/Lawn visits – If you or a dear one has an accessible lawn/porch that expands longer than six feet, hang out there. It is important to be mindful of the neighbours and their space. 
  2. Walks – Choose a quiet neighbourhood, where there is not a lot of car traffic, and take your walk to the road. This gives you optimal space to stay six feet apart, and not necessarily be in the way of others who have the same idea. 
  3. Backyards – If, and only if, you can access a backyard safely without going through the house, and there are less than five people, you can hangout in a backyard, still six feet apart. Bring your own drinks/snacks/etc because it’s still not safe to share. 
  4. Parks – OK, so, it is possible to safely physically distance in a park. Make sure you are with no more than five people, at least if you are in Ontario. Each bring your own blanket/snacks/drinks and make sure you can sit six feet away from each other. If you can’t find the space to do so, then choose a different option. 
  5. Porch/Balcony phone calls – This is one I’ve done with a couple of folks in Toronto. As many of us live in apartment/condo buildings, it is hard to find outside space to socialize. Go on a walk, get your dear one to come to the window and have a phone call! It’s like zoom, but without the screen time. 

These are tips I’ve gathered over weeks of hearing/watching the news. Of course, please go to your local governments’ website to find out what you can and cannot do. We all have spring/summer fever, and unfortunately have to accept that this year is going to be different. Even if you are a healthy person, someone you may come in contact with may not be, so think of them.

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Written by Alana Kaplan, Project Manager for the I Am Resilient Project.

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