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Let’s talk about body image. We appear to be in a cultural shift for the positive right now, as there is an increasing amount of information on body positivity and size inclusivity. At a time of year where there tends to be a lot of focus on “ideal” bodies (bikini body, summer body, quarantine 15), it is important to remind you that every body is a good body.

Your body gets you out of bed in the morning, allows you to move in different ways, and is keeping you alive. I wanted to focus on different body positive accounts I’ve come across and share them with you.

After writing this article, one of the accounts I follow (Mik Zazon) shared that using the term “body positivity” should be reserved for those marginalized bodies who don’t have access to the same privilege white bodies do. So, while these accounts talk about body image and body positivity, I recognize this and have adjusted my language.

Stephanie Yeboah (@stephanieyeboah) 

Not only are Stephanie’s photos beautiful, so are her words. The content she produces is reflective and gets you to think. One particular post she openly shares about her health issues and the racism/biases within the medical system.

Nicole Zajac (@nicolezaajac)

Nicole is an early-20’s influencer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba (our hometown!). I came across Nicole’s account last month as her posts were being shared on my personal account feed. Her raw honesty and ability to understand the importance of intersectionality is why I initially followed her. Her commitment to anti-black and anti-indigenous racism is the reason why I’ve stayed. 

Aerie (@aerie)

Yes, Aerie, the clothing brand. I’ve been personally following them for years. Their commitment to empowering self-love is evident through their accessibility in clothing and the models they choose. Always untouched and choosing various body types, not only helps the consumer picture themselves in the clothing but also shows that their clothes are meant for everybody. 

Mik Zazon (@mikzazon)

Ok, so I first came across Mik on TikTok (yes, I love TikTok) and her body image videos there. What I appreciate about Mik is her openness in talking about her body, and her health challenges that she’s been struggling with. Her openness in self- advocacy, I find is inspiring. 

Libby’s Happy Project (@libbyshappyproject)

What I love about this account is that Libby is an artist who portrays all different body types equally in her illustrations. Additionally, she typically adds affirmation style messages to these illustrations. 

I’m loving the increase in body acceptance I am seeing on my Instagram feed. Who else should I follow? Leave a comment below.

Written by Alana Kaplan, Project Manager for the I Am Resilient Project.

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