Five Summer Self-Care Tips


The summer season is typically a time that is filled with outdoors, vacations, and time with family and friends. However, this year due to COVID-19, many summer plans are looking much different. That being said, it is important to still find ways to take care of ourselves.

Here are some ways I have been engaging in self-care despite having limited summer options:

  1. Drink a lot of water: The summers in Toronto have been very sticky and humid and for me to have energy, go about my day, and stay alert, I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I know that this seems a bit obvious, however, many of us don’t realize how little we drink until we start to feel the physical effects, such as headaches, fatigue, and dehydration. 
  2. Daily movement: Depending on what your body can or cannot do, daily movement can be very helpful for one’s physical and mental health. For me, I’m taking walks in the morning to start my day (and to replace my commute) and after my work day as a way to separate the work day from the evening. 
  3. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is so important and getting Vitamin D in healthy ways can boost your mood and mental health. Wearing SPF and reapplying SPF, and wearing a hat while outside can help you stay safe while getting some sun. The sun is strongest in the middle of the day, so it might be a good idea to get your dose earlier in the day or later on in the day. 
  4. Physically distant park hangs: Yes, COVID-19 is definitely still here, despite what some folks behaviours look like. That being said, seeing people you care about from a safe distance is another way to boost your mood. Finding space in parks, by the water, or in someone’s backyard are all places you can do this. 
  5. Limit your news/social media intake: As usual, setting limits on phone notifications, and news websites, and social media can help with your mood. The news continues to not be a beacon of positivity and can be hard to stomach. Social media can lead to comparing your life experience, to someone else’s curated life experience.
Remember to drink a lot of water!

What are some ways you engage in self-care in the summer? Share you answers in the comments below

Written by Alana Kaplan, Project Manager for the I Am Resilient Project.

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